When you have a Child with Autism

When Rubina learnt that her child has autism, her world turned upside down. Being a single mother and with very few people to trust, she didn’t know how to ensure that the child would be taken care of if something were to happen to her. A child with autism may face developmental delays for life, which means that he might struggle to understand or achieve things his peers could do. This further means that not only Rubina has to financially provide for her son when she is around, she also needs to make sure that her son is well taken care of and that her death does not jeopardize his safety and upbringing in any manner.

Thus, when she came to Ladderup Trustees, we recommended her to create a Private Family Trust by explaining how through the trust structure, she could achieve multiple objectives, one of which could be ensuring health, happiness, safety and well-being of her child with autism. The biggest advantage of a Trust is that instead of the autistic child managing all the assets himself, the Trustees appointed in the Private Family Trust take up that responsibility. Power can be given to certain trustworthy individuals to appoint and remove trustees. To ensure that the Trustees manage the money prudently, the Trust document can specify dos and don’ts and mention in as much detail as possible, the investment management principles. Also, the parents can plan exactly how much money should be given to their autistic child for his living expenses; what kind of nursing care shall be provided; take care of ancillary needs like maintenance of house and attendant staff; allow for some flexibility for withdrawals for any specific emergency purposes and finally create a process for the Trust to wind up after a certain period of time.

Considering that the Trust has a legal backing, any chances of misappropriation, fraud, coercion, mismanagement, exceptional loss, etc. become extremely rare and can be completely avoided by having a strong and well-structured Trust in place. A Private Family Trust is an extremely powerful as well as legal structure and has been used by people around the world for centuries to manage their estate and to ensure the well-being of their children. Thus, when you have a child with autism, a Private Family Trust becomes a considerable option because of all the benefits it offers for your child.

After understanding that formation of a Private Family Trust is in best interest of her son, Rubina showed interest and Ladderup Trustees helped her in creating the trust structure. Now she is no longer worried about her child’s well-being even after her lifetime.

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