When one wants to create his own will

While there is no specific format for a Will in India, it is extremely important that the draft of your Will is free from all ambiguities and lacunas. The Will lawyers are the professionals who possess great experience and can provide proper guidance regarding the intricacies of the Will. Who is an Executor, what is his role, what factors have to kept in mind while appointing an Executor, who can be a beneficiary, what kind of distribution will be better, what happens if one of the beneficiaries is not alive, what happens to the assets that one acquires after creating his Will, how many witnesses are required, and many such concerns and issues are taken care of when help of Will lawyers is sought.

Even a Will made on a plain piece of paper can be regarded as a legal Will. However, it is extremely important that a document like Will is drafted with complete clarity and leaves no room for ambiguity in order to avoid any kind of disputes amongst the loved ones after one’s demise.

Since a Will comes into effect after your lifetime, is mainly aimed at protecting your loved ones and relates to your hard earned wealth, spending a little on seeking proper guidance from Will lawyers becomes an investment for caring for your family and preserving your wealth.

Therefore, even though there is no specific format for a legal Will and a plain piece of paper is also regarded as a legal Will in India, taking professional help of Will lawyers is highly recommended. And hence, when one wants to create his own Will, one must take into account all the advantages of taking a professional’s help.

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