You are a part of the 1% far-sighted people, who have thought about writing a Will.

As you embark on this exercise, let us help you with a few things.

  • Most people keep thinking but do not act. You must act now when you are in good health and spirits.
  • You create your Will only once in your Lifetime.
    It is important that your Will is of the highest quality.

  • The love amongst your family members is invaluable.
    An inaccurate Will can put it to test.
  • By engaging Ladderup Trustee Services, you are choosing one of the most experienced teams in India in the field of Estate Planning.

Difference between Online and Offline

Ideally there is none. You and your family are unique and you should get all the attention that you deserve.

By engaging with Ladderup Trustees, you are ensuring that the Will that you create would be a valid document that reflects your wishes genuinely and discreetly so that the executors and/or beneficiaries are not left wondering about any loose ends.

To top it all, the fees that you pay to Ladderup Trustees is a One-Time Fee, engaging us with you for lifetime. We shall make all amendments to your Will, as many times as you wish, completely free of cost.

Our Process

We understand that your will is a Critical document. And we do not wish to have a shortcut approach.

Our team of Legal Experts is going to guide you every step of the way. You will have ample opportunities to talk to our lawyers and take their advice.

The online information system has only been created to capture all your information in the correct manner and to speed up the Will creation process.

Every will created by Ladderup Trustee Services is vetted by the lawyers for correctness and completeness.

So wait no further!

Lifetime Fee

Rs. 9,999/- plus GST

What do you get for the price?

Free changes and modifications for lifetime. You pay only once!

Unlimited consultation with our team of Legal Experts. Your satisfaction is our motto!

A world class draft that is effective and implementable. Your family members should have it easy!

Ladderup Trustee Services Rs. 9,999/- plus GST