Format for Will in India

While many people do understand the importance of creating a Will, they either do not get the time to create a Will or they do not know whom to approach for the same. It is pertinent to note that there is no specific format for Will in India and a Will made on a plain piece of paper is also regarded as a valid Will. However, it is advisable that one takes professional help of Estate Planners or an Estate Planning lawyer, who can provide properguidance regarding the intricacies of the Will. The reason is simple. Your Will shall decide how smoothly your assets are transferred to your loved ones. A badly or inadequately written Will may end up creating unnecessary confusion or even disputes, and in a worst case scenario may be treated like a worthless piece of paper.

Will is once in a lifetime activity and it concerns the happiness of your family and the safety of your assets. Ensuring that you give it proper thought and seek professional advice is therefore very much recommended.

Questions that you should ponder will deciding the Format of the Will.

  • Who would be the Executor, what would be his role, what factors have to kept in mind while appointing an Executor
  • Who can be a beneficiary.
  • what kind of distribution will be better.
  • what happens if one of the beneficiaries is not alive.
  • what happens to the assets that one acquires after creating his Will.
  • how many witnesses are required.
  • And many such concerns and issues are taken care of when professional help of an Estate Planning lawyer is sought. It is very important that a document like Will is drafted with complete clarity and leaves no room for ambiguity in order to avoid any kind of disputes amongst the loved ones after one’s demise.

Since a Will comes into effect after your lifetime andit is mainly aimed at protecting your loved ones and relates to your hard earned wealth, spending a little on seeking proper guidance becomes an investment for caring for your family and preserving your wealth.

There may be certain platforms which claim to prepare Free Wills for you. However, it is extremely important to consider that in today’s world, there are no free lunches and if such claims are being made, the details that you provide with respect to your family as well as your assets may not be safe. Will is one of the most important and confidential document and its contents are private in nature. Thus, it is extremely essential that for creating such an important document, an Estate Planning lawyer is approached.

Therefore, even though there is no specific format for Will in Indiaand a plain piece of paper is also regarded as a valid Will in India, taking professional help of an Estate Planning lawyer is highly recommended and you should not fall for the claims to make a Will for you for free.

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