Family with a special children

It is always a difficult task to plan for your children’s future, more so, when you are not around. It becomes all the more difficult if yours is a family with special child.

Special children depend on others for all their needs, whether big or small. They may faceseveral issues like continuous healthcare needs, requirement of emotional and psychological support at regular basis, limited earning potential and even lower possibility of companionship or marriage.There are countless parents with special children who get sleepless nights worrying about the challenges their children would face if they are not around. A special child in the home changes things in so many ways for the family that most parents with normal children will never be able to understand.

Though the other family members may sympathize or empathize, for special children, their parents are the true support available to them. However, the parents must also ensure that their children remain safe and are cared for adequately after both the parents have expired. While eventually the child may turn into an adult, he or she may continue to need support in the later stages of life. Thus, a Private Family Trust becomes a very critical structure to have if one has special children.A Private Family Trust can take care of everything except the love and affection that only a parent can provide.

One of our clients has an autistic child. He and his wife were really worried about who will take care of their child if both of them passed away suddenly. They were fearful that the money and assets that they leave behind should not become a risk for him. Ladderup Trustees helped them create a Private Family Trust for their child. In case of demise, the appointed trustees would not only manage the wealth that is left behind but also ensure that their special child gets the care and love that he deserves all his life.

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